Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

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Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

Hello, my name is Kat, and for years, I suffered from un-diagnosed autoimmune issues. I became a "regular" at my health care clinic. Through the process, I learned how to support my immune system in the best ways possible. I also learned how to live with an un-diagnosed issue, how to talk with my doctors, how to bring up useful questions and much more. If you are working through a chronic illness or if you are feeling ill but not sure why, this blog is devoted to you. It has posts on niche healthcare concerns and tips on finding help. Thanks for reading!



Why Do You Need to Go on a Special Diet Before a Colonoscopy?

If you're scheduled to have a colonoscopy, then your doctor may have mentioned that you'll need to go on a special diet for a few days before the test. Why do you need to do this and what changes will you need to make? Why Watch What You Eat Before a Colonoscopy? A successful colonoscopy relies on you having clear and empty bowels. The instruments used in the test need to have an unimpeded view of the colon so that they can spot problems if there are any. Read More