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Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

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No Need to Be Embarrassed: Some Common Urination Problems a Urologist Can Help You With

It's hardly surprising that issues with urination can be seen as embarrassing, but you'd be surprised at how effectively most urination issues can be dealt with. It's not something you should have to live with, and a visit to a urologist can ensure that you don't have to. So what are some of the more common problems with urination that adults face, and how can a urologist help you?

Problem 1: An Almost Constant Need to Urinate

Potential Cause: Do you often feel like you need to urinate, even when you haven't really consumed enough liquids to reasonably justify this feeling? You might dash to the toilet, ready to relieve yourself, only to produce a rather small amount of urine (or sometimes none?). This feeling of pressure on your bladder could easily be caused by a kidney stone. In Australia, one in ten men will develop a kidney stone, and around one in 35 women will also be affected.

Potential Solution: Kidney stone removal is a very straightforward procedure.

Problem 2: The Feeling of a Full Bladder That Can Be Relieved by Lying Down

Potential Cause: Another reasonably common problem is you might feel the need to urinate, but find that this can be relieved by making yourself horizontal. It could be a prolapsed organ, which is when one of your internal organs has fallen out of alignment and is placing pressure on your bladder. It happens sometimes after childbirth. Lying down shifts your organs, removing the pressure, but of course this is not a long term solution.

Potential Solution: Surgery might be necessary in some cases, but often exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor can be sufficient to keep everything in the right place.

Problem 3: A General Lack of Bladder Control

Potential Cause: This is something that becomes increasingly common with age, and you might find that you're not able to "hold it in" as well as you used to. It might happen after a period of physical convulsions (like when you laugh really hard at something), or it might not have any precursor at all. It can also be a symptom of diabetes.

Potential Solution: Strengthening your pelvic floor with exercise can be effective in this case, or your doctor might suggest weight loss. Excessive body weight can contribute to an inability to control your bladder. If diabetes is suspected, effective management of the condition can remove the problem.

There's really no need to be embarrassed about seeing a urologist for help with your urination problems - after all, this is a large part of what they do. Remember that a urologist can also prescribe medication to regulate your urination while you wait for more long term solutions (such as exercise) to take effect. For more information, contact a business such as Dr Boon Kua.