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Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

Hello, my name is Kat, and for years, I suffered from un-diagnosed autoimmune issues. I became a "regular" at my health care clinic. Through the process, I learned how to support my immune system in the best ways possible. I also learned how to live with an un-diagnosed issue, how to talk with my doctors, how to bring up useful questions and much more. If you are working through a chronic illness or if you are feeling ill but not sure why, this blog is devoted to you. It has posts on niche healthcare concerns and tips on finding help. Thanks for reading!


Four Signs You Need To See An Audiologist

If you have been suffering from hearing loss for an extended period of time, don't just ignore it. If left untreated, hearing loss can cause a number of problems in your daily life that range from mild annoyances to serious health issues. Here are four signs that you could benefit from seeing an audiologist.

1. You Need To See An Audiologist If You Notice A Change In Your Hearing 

If you've noticed a change in your hearing, it's time to see an audiologist. This includes sudden onset of ringing in the ears (tinnitus), hearing loss, or difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. If you're experiencing these symptoms, an audiologist can help determine what's causing them and how best to treat them.

2. You Need To See An Audiologist If You Have Difficulty Hearing Over The Phone Or In A Crowded Room

If you have trouble hearing on the phone, it might be because of poor sound quality or a bad connection. However, if you still struggle to hear even when using a landline, it could indicate some underlying problem with your ears. Similarly, if you find yourself having trouble hearing people in crowded rooms or noisy restaurants, this could be a sign that your hearing is not functioning properly.

3. You Need To See An Audiologist If You're Experiencing Problems With Balance Or Dizziness

If you are experiencing problems with balance or dizziness, it might be a sign that your ears are not working properly. The inner ear contains the vestibular system, which is responsible for maintaining balance and spatial awareness. If this system is damaged, you may experience symptoms like vertigo or feeling off-balance. An audiologist can perform a test to determine the extent of your damage, and they may also be able to offer treatment options. 

4. You Need To See An Audiologist If You Have Difficulty Hearing High-Frequency Sounds

If you have difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds, such as the voice of a child or s, f, and sh sounds, it may be time to see an audiologist. High-frequency sound waves are very small and can be difficult for people with normal hearing to detect. A trained professional can test your ability to hear these sounds and determine whether there is anything interfering with your ability to hear them clearly.

If you notice any of the above signs, it's a good idea to see an audiologist right away. They can diagnose your ear problems and determine the best course of action for treatment.