Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

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Understanding Niche Healthcare Concerns and Finding Help

Hello, my name is Kat, and for years, I suffered from un-diagnosed autoimmune issues. I became a "regular" at my health care clinic. Through the process, I learned how to support my immune system in the best ways possible. I also learned how to live with an un-diagnosed issue, how to talk with my doctors, how to bring up useful questions and much more. If you are working through a chronic illness or if you are feeling ill but not sure why, this blog is devoted to you. It has posts on niche healthcare concerns and tips on finding help. Thanks for reading!



Two Tips to Follow if You Decide to Use a Genetic Screening Service

If you think you might have a gene that makes you susceptible to a certain type of cancer or that you have one that might result in you passing a hereditary condition onto your future offspring, then you could use a genetic screening service to find out if this is the case. Here are some tips to follow if you decide to use this medical service. Take advantage of any genetic counselling service the clinic offers Read More 

Why Do You Need to Go on a Special Diet Before a Colonoscopy?

If you're scheduled to have a colonoscopy, then your doctor may have mentioned that you'll need to go on a special diet for a few days before the test. Why do you need to do this and what changes will you need to make? Why Watch What You Eat Before a Colonoscopy? A successful colonoscopy relies on you having clear and empty bowels. The instruments used in the test need to have an unimpeded view of the colon so that they can spot problems if there are any. Read More 

Thyroid Surgery: Three Critical Considerations for Smooth Recuperation

Your doctor might recommend thyroid surgery for resolving certain medical conditions. For instance, the removal of part of or the whole thyroid is a suitable treatment process for managing nodules, enlarged thyroid, cancerous growth and general hyperactivity. The thyroidectomy surgical procedure is not complicated, and the risk of unusual adverse effects is quite low. Therefore, the recovery period is usually quite smooth. However, it is still important to maintain caution to prevent complications. Read More 

Osteopathy for the Treatment of Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) afflicts many sportspeople, in particular runners and cyclists.  The painful knee condition is often blamed on over-use, but what actually causes ITBS. So how can your osteopath help you to get back in training?  What causes ITBS? The illiotibial band (ITB) is a tough band of fibrous tissue that runs from the outside of the hip joint to just below the knee.  When the knee is bent and the band becomes too tight, pain occurs. Read More 

Special considerations of a child with auditory processing disorder in test situations

Auditory processing disorder is a disease that affects the brain's capability of receiving and interpreting sounds. If you're a teacher teaching a child with auditory processing disorder, you probably already know about certain measures that need to be taken in order for the child to receive the education they need, like speaking loudly and allowing the child to sit in front of the classroom. However, the auditory processing disorder shouldn't just be considered when teaching, you should also remember it when the child is taking a test. Read More